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2008  Blue Spark Olena x Boon Quixote,

by Boon Bar


Color test: EE aa Rr

5 Panel Negative

1150 lb and 14.2 hands high

Stud Fee:  $475

Property of Jim Fredericks, Jr

Shiny Blue Boon Dr, aka "Hank," is a 2008 blue roan stallion that is homozygous for Black Factor.  He has a super mind and his easy-going, trainable disposition is hard to match, and he throws those traits to his foals.  He makes a great all-around sire and crosses well on different types of mares.  Hank is big-boned, has a big stop, and is siring very good ranch, rope, ranch versatility, and all-around using type horses.  Hank was ridden as a 2 and 3 year old, but then an injury ended his riding career.

For those of you who are involved with the annual Sugar Bars Horse Sale, Hank sired the 2019 "Wild Card" weanling. The Wild Card is auctioned off at the beginning of the auction and allows the winning bidder their choice of any weanling in the sale!


Please note, Hank will be standing with us through April 30, 2021, for artificial insemination with fresh semen on-site as well as cooled shipped semen services. After that time, frozen semen will be available for the rest of the breeding season. 


He will return home at the end of April for pasture breeding.  If you are interested in live cover/pasture breeding for the 2021 season, please call his owner, Jim Fredericks, Jr, directly at (406) 812-0084.




Foals by Shiny Blue Boon Dr